Himalayan 100 preview

I’m receiving daily emails about when I’ll be blogging up the Himalayan 100 race , apparently it sparks an interest to a lot of people yet there’s not much info out there about it , well I intend to blog a really in depth piece about it all but right now I am in Cyprus with Rhalou , Staying in a hippy beach hut near a tiny village called Latchi , there’s no wifi anywhere so im pretty limited and also I want to give the race a little time to sink in so I can do it real justice , it was an amazing race and it deserves my best blogging powers … In the meantime I did a couple of quick race reviews for Rhalous magazine … please have a read and I’ll get the Runner786 blog done ASAP ..

Everest Challenge Marathon

Himalayan 100

Thanks all …. Mark

Indian Wisdom ………..

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