Ride to the Sun …

Ride to the Sun ..

Follow in the footsteps of the Roman legions who trudged the long road from Luguvalium (Carlisle) to the old garrison camp of Caer Amon (Cramond). Sol Invictus was the Roman God of the unconquered sun and was the Roman legionnaires guide through war and battle and it is with that spirit that we ride through the night to arrive for sunrise on Cramond beach, tired but unconquered!

Romans !

I saw this and loved the idea !!  Something a little different , a micto adventure for a Saturday night, non competitive and super friendly …  I enlisted the top fellas that are Mick  , Bongo and that diesel generator Stuart Deeks … We trained hard over the spring , gradually adding the mileage and ascents. Mick and Bongo had been cycling a while but not me or Deeks , we had it to build so heads were down a lot of the time but we worked hard to build the 100 mile legs. Some amazing Sundays were had training in all weathers includign gale force winds across the grey mares tail and baking hot afternoons at Sam Ye Lings

Ready to rock at Carlisle ..

We met in Hawick, Mark Wilson was driving the support van and it was great to know he was there. We drove to Carlisle and set up , soon we were cycling out of Carlisle on a beautiful night. Having never rode the route before we had given ourselves 8 hours before Sunset on Cramond Beach. Hopefully we would be there in good time.  We cruised the flats heaed for our first serious stop 45 miles in , Moffat.

We hit Moffat surprisingly fit and well , our hilly routes had made us strong. Mark was waiting for us in the square and already hundreds of cyclists were refuelling for the next section. This event was really friendly  a great buzz in Moffat with everyone chatting and joking. We got a load off in the back of the van and rested for 20 mins eating and drinking before taking on the Devils beef-tub , a 7 mile constant climb straight out of Moffat.

getting a load off 🙂

Soon we were back on the bikes and heading out of Moffat. It was dark now and as far as I  could see was a trail of lights ahead , curling up the huge climb of the Devils beef tub.

Devils beeftub

It was hot !!  even at 11 o’clock at night it was in the 20s , after a long long grind we were topping out and enjoying the freewheel into Tweedsmuir . Here was out next stop .. the Crook Inn Cyclorave. We arrived to a mad rave in the car park of the remote closed , Crook Inn .. music blared from a low loader and ravers and cyclists raved away .. Surreal 😀

Cylcorave .

We briefly rested but the midge was in abundance so onwards was the cry … soon we were heaed for Penicuik , then cruising down across the Bypass and into the city …… this was amazing , people were bouncing around out of their nut, drunk and drugged they cheeered and geered us .. what a laugh. Cramond was in our sights and we had done really well at only 6 1/2 hours run time .. we hit the beach early !

Early on Cramond

Soon the cyclists started to file in group by group and we awaited the sun rise … A huge cheer went up as the sun broke the horizon , it was beautiful moment of achievement and situation…… Until the next time RTTS

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