Diving the Upside down wreck

30 miles out from Eyemouth sitting in exactly 40m of water on a white sand bank lies the aptly named “Upside Down wreck” ….  With Marinequest in charge of proceedings we were sure for a good day … Sure enough the weather was good , the conditions right and it was dive dive dive !!

on the lift and ready to dive !!

Last time I dived the Upside down wreck was on sidemount and my bottom time ran out far too quickly but this visit I was on my rebreather so hopefully I would  dive at least a 40 minute bottom time with very little deco . So I was up for some proper exploring on this visit and its a wreck so deserving of just that …

going down …

I knew the viz was good when I could see the ship itself from 20 m above !! the white sand and the black shape came into view from high above !!  result 😀  As I dropped down onto it I saw the whole wreck !! This is how every dive should be , but its the UK and its a roll of the dice on every trip ,,, This trip I was winning !

I headed for the prop before “flying” centre above the hull for the whole length of it and then dropped down to the sea bed.

the Prop

Its a cracking wreck , beautiful big prop and with a perfectly upturned hull to explore under its going to keep you happy all day long … well we have to go topside to breath at some point … so fair enough 😀

The Hull

You can dive to the prop, shoot along the top of the hull and explore underneath before heading back up the shot for a short deco even on open circuit , it is a wreck that just keeps giving 😀 ..

Every time I have been there I have had amazing viz of between 20-30m.  The further out you get in the North Sea the better it is… if only we had perfect weather more often

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  1. Kenny Short says:

    Great blog Mark! Amazing pics & visibility!!

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