A reminder ……..

That really is a beautiful song and the message in that video is portrayed to perfection …


I have been training hard and really enjoying the whole momentum of what my Ultra challenge has become , its given me back the confidence in myself and my abilities that was maybe lost when my climbing took a back seat to business and the level at which I was climbing began to slip , it felt like maybe I was past it , getting to old and scared to take on the challenges of extreme rock … but I had been an E5 rock climber ,a lofty grade of skill and danger and staying there doesn’t come without a lot of determination and training , something I had little time for as my shop grew and became more than one , the addition of the kilt shop really took its toll as it was a summer season business so my climbing just fell apart , I wasnt happy , even my kayaking which had already hit its peak several years back was slipping further , lack of practice takes its toll and last year in the Alps BANG !!! , a dislocation from a mistake that would never have happened several years ago put me out !!!  but Cest La Vie , it’s the reason I’m now an ultra runner !! the reason I just ran the Marathon Des Sable , but not the reason I was stupid enough to sign up for the Scottish Ultra , the toughest multi stage race the UK has to offer .. AND the Gobi desert Race in July … what the fuck was I thinking !!! my feet are still in tatters since the Sahara and they will probably fall apart on day 2 , pull out people have said  to me but I can’t , it’s not in my psyche’ to do that .. ever , no matter what !! not without at least giving it a shot , but most of all it’s a mark of respect and Charity !! I took the Scottish Ultra and Gobi Desert race on in an attempt to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis and the amazing people who help anonymously behind the scenes , my own awareness being brought about after a life changing event that a very good friend of mine has gone through , a friend whom I respect so very much and part of me wanted to do something to show him my appreciation of his friendship , we had a hard time once but we moved on and have never dwelt on the bad time both he and I had to endure , a very good friend indeed !!

This is a very tough year to raise money , charities all over the country are struggling due to lack of donation and I fight hard to help , and so far we have raised well over £2000 for MS Borders and I certainly hope to raise a lot more , everyone who has donated and everyone who now gives a second thought to Multiple Sclerosis because I made them a little bit more aware are what drives me to man up and  run on the sore feet to complete challenge number 2 , its a 150 mile 5 day race across the most Beautiful part of Scotland that is “The Scottish Borders” , this year the race starts in Glen Trool and finishes in Melrose only 10 miles from my house , I know this county well and it certainly wont be easy , its got hills , lots of them , energy sapping long grass and heather .. our equivalent of sand !!!


So on Wednesday Morning at 8am I will be on the starting line of the UKs toughest foot race not just for fun but because it means so much more than just running …..


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8 Responses to A reminder ……..

  1. Lynzi says:

    Good luck on Wednesday!!

  2. Mark Lyons says:

    thank you Lynzi 🙂

  3. Maureen Hamilton says:

    all the very best for wednesday..hope the weather stays kind to you 🙂

  4. Davie Bell says:

    Mark……. all the very best for Wed I’m sure everything will go ok, we all have our reasons for doing what we do and we all need little things to spur us on when the going gets tough whether it be the memory of a lost loved one or support for someone close to us going through a rough time, the main thing is enjoy the journey !

  5. Karen (Scotlassruns) says:

    ps… LOVE that song….. It’s a BEAUTIFUL day lalalalalala 🙂

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