Himalayan report

Arrived in India after flying through the night , picked up at 9:35am from Bagdogra and taken high up the lower Himalaya to Mirik lake to register
Room is ok but hot water doesn’t work .. Fuck it , why wash , when in India !!
Some great guys amongst my fellow Competitors , some very good athletes here .. I hope I’m not last 🙁
Wild dogs keep me awake pre race , 3 hours sleep 🙁
First day was 23 miles , 11000 feet of climbing , I was hating it , deep bad mood after mile 15 , altitude was affecting my breathing so I could get no work rate .. Continuously super steep climbing was doing my head in , soul destroying and energy sapping !! Finished in 14th place out of 50+ runners , height is 12,849 feet so air is very thin
Day two I awoke feeling much better , steeply undulating 20 mile trail run , 4000feet climb , views of kangenchunga , Everest and Makalu blew me away as I set off .. I ran well finished 7th place today but still felt altitude a lot …
Day3 the famous Everest Marathon .. 60+ runners , super hard 30 miles and 8-9000 feet , I held my 7th place until the last 2 miles but a big Spanish ironman blasted by me and my legs had nothing to give .. I am wrecked lying here at the finish .. Finally got a phone signal though 🙂

Tomorrow is only 13 miles but I think it may be all up hill !!!

watch out for leeches , tigers and water snakes ..

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  1. Pyllon says:

    Get in! u beast.

    Awesome mate. Stick at it and remember, your brain won’t let your body die from running hard so keep pushing as much as you can 😀

    oooooh rah!

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