Its the little things that keep me going ….

Head Torch Hill race….


I have been writing these notes / posts at every milestone on my way to the Desert , but today I thought that I had to throw a little one into the mix , mainly because I awoke to the fact that its not just the big challenge of Ultrathon , Desert races and the like that keep me going , its actually the little pleasures that you encounter on the way …

I have discovered over the last year that just getting out running  with friends and having a laugh and a chat is the most important part of it all and because of this fitness becomes just part of running , not the everything of running ..

When Im out on my own I enjoy it and work hard , self motivation is the key here , without it you will never be able to keep it up and ultimately you give it up , getting out with friends however, makes you look forward to it , helps you get your shorts and trainers on and get out running and in turn you get fitter  , nothing surer than that … you also build friendships , you share experiences , these things will last for ever , training with Louise , Gav , dodger and the lads , my first half marathon ,being there with Murph and Elsdon for Murphs debut at Glasgow ,  breaking the 20 mile barrier with Gav , my memory of the Amsterdam Marathon with Darren Murphy , shaking each others hands as we crossed the finish  line together they are all with me for life  ..

And occasionally something crazy comes along , so last night I did a Head Torch Hill race with my Friend Kenny Short and his Triathlon club , what a night !! , it was fantastic , I was laughing all the way down from the top and I was still buzzing today thinking about it , it was FUN , really Fun , running about in the pitch black with head torches shining out in front trying to find a muddy single track path and climbing up and up to the top , 1400 feet of climbing , if I could have seen it , It probably would have psyched me out but I couldn’t so I worked hard and made the top , puffing but I was there , then it was a helter skelter ride right back down , flying through the mud and branches trying to keep on my feet , I negotiated the hardest part laughing all the way , only to have Kenny jump me out of the bushes just to add some fun … the Belses bogeyman .. strikes again ..

So what I am trying to say is that you don’t have to be super fit to do all this , you just need to get out , get involved  …… and in turn you might live to be 100 .. So next time you say theres nothing to do , try something different .

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