Part.2 SS.Exmouth 75 years on the bottom

S.S. Exmouth

SS.EXMOUTH was a 5,120 American cargo steamer originally laid down as the Colosse SS but completed as the Blue Triangle SS for the American Government. In 1928 she was sold and renamed EXMOUTH Ss. On the 31st July 1944 she strayed into a minefield and was sunk. 

I was part of Stevie Saunders expediton to capture the Beautiful wreck for his magazine article in Scuba magazine .. what an amazing few days we had.



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  1. Richard Zuppio says:

    My father, Edward Zuppio, was a 19 year old sailor from Salem Massachusetts. He was on the Exmouth when it was sunk. He was on a life raft for 14 hours before being rescued.

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