Swimming the St Mary !



St Mary’s Loch is the largest natural loch in the Scottish Borders, and is situated on the south side of the A708 road between Selkirk and Moffat, about 72 kilometres (45 mi) south of Edinburgh.  It is 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) long and 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) wide, and was created by glacial action during the last ice age. The loch is fed by the Megget Water, which flows in from the Megget Reservoir, and is the source of the Yarrow Water, which flows east from the loch to merge with the Ettrick Water above Selkirk.It connects by a short section of river to the Loch of the Lowes, immediately to the south. Between the two, connected by an old arched bridge, is Tibbie Shiel‘s Inn, an 18th-century coaching inn, which was frequented by the Border poet James Hogg (1770–1835).[1]


Swimming the Mary

It was on !!  We were fit , motivated and the water was calm..ish   😀    Mick , Bongo and I rocked up to St Marys and swam the length in good style , from Tributary to outflow we treated her with respect !!, more than the angry sailors did to us …. hey its not your Loch mate , its everyone’s !  Lyn helped with  car support due to her broken arm and it was nice to have her waiting at the end with warm clothes and a towel. We finished off at the Gordon arms and a lovely burger.  REsultttttt !!!

Bongo , Mick and I smash the Mary

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