Races , respect and big changes !

Races , respect and big changes !


I’ve not done a great deal of miles this week , 22 miles on the road and 10 miles on a treadmill in preparation for Saturday, this is fine as I am tapering for the Himalayan 100 stage race. I’ll be right there among the Himalayan mountains and standing ready to go on the starting line in exactly 2 weeks today and I really can’t wait !! In the mean time  I will be supporting my friend James Messer on Friday through the night until Saturday morning as he attempts his monster 24 hour stepathon to the top of Everest and back , I will be right alongside him for most of the night as I will be running a Midnight treadmill marathon in support , 26.2 miles on a treadmill hmmmmm I’ve had better ideas but the two of us will toil together through the night in aid of MacMillan Nurses , I’ve ran through the night several times and I know it can be tough , I will try to keep James’ spirits high as his body wants to shut down  , hopefully me working hard next to him will help , if not I have an electric cattle prod….


Then when my support shift ends I will try to get some sleep as I am up first thing in the morning to run Keilder trail Marathon with my friends from tent 79 in the Marathon Des Sable .. this will be amazing as I haven’t seen the guys since we parted in London in April. Hopefully the pace wont be to hard on me , I know a few of them have been pretty lazy since so it’s a get together more than anything else and I’m expecting them at my house sometime on Saturday afternoon , lets hope they understand if I want an early night , I’ve probably ran this marathon route more than 25 times , it’s so beautiful there and its one of my favorite all time runs , perfect for just jumping out my car and doing the whole route , there’s no shortcuts and there’s some short sharp hills in there  , I’ve ran it from every start point , clockwise and anti-clockwise , it’s the nicest trail imaginable and not that far from my house .

Id like to thank the Teviotdale Leisure Centre for its continued Support

if you enjoyed reading this note then please have a further look at www.runner786.com and http://www.justgiving.com/marko3006/ ……….. all donation no matter how small makes a difference ….

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