An ULTRA ultra challenge and the MS Society ….. Helping is what we all should be about .

All this training for the desert made me realise that I was capable of doing things that I had wanted to do in the past but had written off because I didn’t have the ability , one of these was the Sandbaggers Scottish Ultra race  , 150+ miles of running across the mountains and through the forests and all in my favourite place in the world , Scotland .. that was for me , FINALLY I could maybe consider doing it .

So I secured a place on the Sandbaggers Scottish Ultra ,  , reputed to be one of the toughest races the British Isles has to offer .. only a few weeks after the Marathon Des Sable though  , this alone will make it tough and if I return home with injuries or blisters then it could be a nasty experience , but I will be FIT , very FIT , so perfect timing to take it on … so I threw caution to the wind and entered .. hmmmmm sometimes I doubt my own sanity.

This got me thinking , Im going to be very fit and if there ever was a time to really do something amazing both mentally and physically then the time is now , and if I was  going to pull off something so special then it had to have more purpose than just to do it for myself ..

Recent events had brought me awareness of the MS Society of Scotland and its borders branch , I learnt that multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects a lot of people and the support they and their family needs is huge , the charity and its members work tirelessly and I really wanted to help , so my new challenge was born , I would attempt not only to race across the Sahara and Scotland  but I would also run in the Gobi Ultrathon , 140+_ miles across the Gobi desert , through Ice gorges , mountain passes , desert and salt plains … so that was it , an Ultra hat trick , 3 of the toughest races in the world , ran in 3 months , anUltra Ultra challenge was born … and hopefully in turn my efforts will make people aware of MS Scotland , its tireless members and help raise awareness of its cause ..

Please read my page and learn more about this amazing charity and the work it does :HERE

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  1. Marge says:

    Free knowledge like this doesn’t just help, it pmrotoe democracy. Thank you.

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