My Pre-MDS gear choices and opinion ……

My Pre-MDS gear choices and opinion ……


What to take ……

A lot of what you wonder about at first is what kind of equipment to take with you , it has to be light and you must be able to get in a 30 litre pack or less , any bigger and its either too heavy or too unwieldy to run with …I have done a fair bit of expedition and I’m used to living in the wilds with some pretty far flung trips under my belt… but even I had to think about this one so I’m including this section to help people out with my views on gear choice for the normal runner …


Im a great lover of Inov8 , both their shoes and packs so I was super pleased to get my hands on one of  their new Racepac 25s and the new chest pack to test in the desert , these are due in the UK end of March but the guys from Inov8 gave me one early in return for my feedback , it looks amazing , I have ran with it now and I am well impressed with it and will continue to use it over the next few weeks in preparation for the big event.

Sleeping system …….

Marmot Atom

Im 6 foot but I didnt see the need for the long length version of the atom , this is a superb down sack , ultra light and very small when packed .. Ideal for racing and in the desert the 4 degrees C. minimum rating will be fine as although it does get colder at night its nothing that sleeping in your smelly clothes cant fix …

Therma-rest Neo ….

Despite opinion that its like sleeping on a crisp poke I decided to go with it as it was the lightest and smallest option short of sleeping uncomfortably on some thin foam … Im too old for that , a good nights sleep will repay the weight of a therma-rest a million times over .

Shoes ….

If there is one thing that will stop you dead in your tracks it is your feet , they are your means of getting across the desert , if you do not look after them you will fail , no matter how fit you are!!

After a lot of deliberation I have decided to take my Mizuno Nirvanas , these are my marathon shoes and I have clocked up 1000s of miles over the past year and never had a blister , they fit me like a glove and breath fantastically , I will be covering these in a full foot Lycra gaiter to keep the sand out as this is the main problem ….

Underneath I will be using an Injini performance sock , these toe socks help guard against blister between our toes etc … they really work and I now swear by them

Cooking …..

I will be travelling super light so an Esbit titanium stove with my optimus 0.6L cook pot will boil the water ..Unless I can catch a few scorpions and Camelbak spiders I will be eating mainly dehydrated meals so 500 ml of water doesnt take long to heat up in the desert heat .


EMERGENCY KIT list to include ..
Venom pump
Nuun electrolyte tablets
head torch
Gaffer tape
spare batteries long life extra set
Zince oxide tape
Signal Mirror
Light Stick
Second skin
2 x Knee bandage
Survival blanket

MEDICAL KIT to include:
Antacid tablets
Ibuprofen 200mg
Anti nausea
Factor 50 sun block
Lip Balm SPF 20


Replacing Emoji...
Replacing Emoji...
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