Klymit Inertia X Frame Sleeping pad …..

Klymit Inertia X Frame Sleeping pad …..

I’m a gearfreak , I just can’t help it  ..  So when the new Klymit Inertia came along I was like a moth to a flame , I mean whats not to like , a full length inflatable sleeping pad that weighs in at 9oz and is smaller than a can of coke , it’s a fast and light runners dream !!

When it arrived I removed it from the stuff sack , held on to the valve , threw it down and blew it up , literally 5 full breaths and its inflated firmly , if you want it super firm there is also a tiny hand pump that you clip on and it can be pressurised right up if you need to ,although I weigh 85 kilo and was happy with the pressure from my own lung power. It’s the smallest , lightest full length sleeper out there and it achieves this by what they call body mapping , the idea is that they have kept the pad where you need it, head , shoulders , hips and feet then cut the rest out , resulting in gaps in the mat where you don’t need it , this apparently also allows your sleeping bag to loft , eg .. keep its insulation in the cut outs because it’s not squashed flat , genius !!! especially if you have a lightweight down bag where lofting counts for everything.Its even shaped so you can pop it inside your sleeping bag if you want , save you rolling off in the middle of the night , Genius !!

I spent a night on it and its reasonably comfortable , it does what its meant to do so no complaints from me , it’s as good as anything out there in its class …. and is smaller and weighs a lot less.

I took a 3/4 thermarest out to the MDS previously to save a bit of space and weight , it was great in the desert but in the UK you need to get your feet off the ground to keep yourself warm so it was pretty limited once I got back, if you’re looking for a pad that you can use for more than just your MDS then this pad certainly is not as limited for later use , this is my choice for the Gobi and if there’s any problems with it , I’ll review it again when I get back.

** Addendum**

My opinion now after a years on-off  use with the klymit , is that once you spend a few uncomfortable nights on it , the novelty wears off !  if your on sand , flat grass etc then all is well , but you get yourself on stony ground and your in for a restless night !!  my Neo-air is comfortable anywhere so for the sake of a few extra grammes and a tenner . if I could do it all again I would buy a full length Neo Air …

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