The home straight ………………..

I leave for the Gobi Desert soon and its the last race in my hat trick , the journey I started is nearly over and it turned out to be way more than just crossing a desert …….

Back in October when I was accepted into the Marathon Des Sable I didn’t think that life changing events would lead me to make the decision to enter 3 very tough multi stage races in aid of The MS Society charity but that was what unfolded , at times I thought I had gone mad and had made a very rash decision  , but I embraced what I had started and went to work on making myself capable.

So after a winter of hard training ,  an epic trip across the Sahara that was the Marathon Des Sable  , 3 weeks later in a semi exhausted state I made another mad dash across Scotland in the Scottish Ultra where after I was hit by a parasitic infection that left me ill for days I have finally made it to the end , well not quite , I’ve still got 150 miles of Gobi Desert to cross but the final challenge is here and Im ready to embrace it ………..

Raising money has been very hard this time  , in the recession hit town I live in people are struggling just to get by , yet the generosity I have been shown has been fantastic and every donation no matter the size has been greatfully appreciated , thank you …. The MS Society and its Borders branch  with their amazing staff are so worthy of our generosity , this really is a fantastic cause to support.

I’ve chronicled the journey in this blog for all to see , warts and all , my humble opinions , mad ravings , crazy mind chattering , it’s all here , hopefully in years to come I will look back and be proud of myself , my daughter to ….

if you enjoyed reading this note then please have a further look and please read ……….. all donation no matter how small makes a difference …Help me to help others …..

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4 Responses to The home straight ………………..

  1. Davie Bell says:

    You have done absolutely fantastic in such a short time, you should be proud of yourself what you have achieved and for the reason you’re doing it all in the first place, feel privileged to know you mate ! What a lovely picture of India that will spur you on alone ! Good luck!

  2. Mark Lyons says:

    Thank you Davie 🙂 when an old hand like you says that it gives me confidence to go forward 🙂 thanks again 🙂

  3. Denise Lindsay says:

    Mark your superstar a lovely guy and a nutter.What a bonny wee girl.Take care fella bless ya Xx

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