Marathon Des Sables – Day Four Update

Thanks for all the email, I really really appreciate them, I’m suffering badly with blistered feet and the going is so tough, I’m suffering more than I ever have before but I will keep going.

Sorry I couldn’t get an update Yesterday, I was in the Doc Trotter having the doctor apply a second sking to blisters on my heel that are down to the flesh. My feet are pretty much done for and every step is so so painful. I finished the 80km stage do only one 42km & the 20km to finish. Its do hot, 45 degrees and 2% humidity! It was roasting hot yesterday going over the mountain stage I was close to fainting but I hung in. I can’t believe how hard the heat is to handle even at 9am in the morning….

Mum and Dad your the best, India I love you, thanks for your Scottish Kisses 🙂 Everybody else who sent me an email thank you so much…now I’m blubbing 🙂

Only two more stages, Fuck Yeah!!!


Editor note: Mark can recieve mesages from supporters just go to this page and post your message. Mark’s race number is 786.


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7 Responses to Marathon Des Sables – Day Four Update

  1. lynne stanger says:

    that sounds tough mark, but you know you can do it, and you will make that finish line, we are all wishing you
    to get over that line safe and well, keep going not long now xx

  2. James Cleghorn says:

    Mark – you are doing great – now time to use the power of the mind and give the body a rest. Great stuff Mark keep it up!!

  3. nicola says:

    hold on in there mark, your doing amazing … be worth it when u finish that final stage. ull be due a long earned rest … mind over matter … keep it going 🙂 x

  4. Paul Richardson says:

    Mark – the skin’ll grow back :)) stay focused – we’re all willin you to the finish line….go for it!!

  5. lynne white says:

    Im so so proud of you Mark. Stay safe, God Bless xxxxlynne white

  6. Nell says:

    Final push Marko, you know you can do it. Much respect. Keep thinking why you are doing this, you are making such a difference to many peoples lives. Thinking about you. Don’t really know what to write coz i can’t imagine what you’re going through. All i know is i’ve got a mate who is an absolute ROCK.

  7. faith tait says:

    Keep the “faith” Mark…stay strong in body and mind…x

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