Marathon Des Sables – Day three report

Editors Note – We have yet to recieve Mark’s day 3 update email, the condtions have been poor and we recieve the comunications by satlink so this situation was expected. Until we recieve the current up date please see the day 3 media update.

I can confirm Mark is still in an racing.


Day 3 map

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5 Responses to Marathon Des Sables – Day three report

  1. Fred & Linda Landels says:

    Keep going Mark, you’re doing great, following every step…! :))

  2. Lynne Stanger says:

    hope your ok, thinking about you and how you must be feelin, have came to the conclusion that you must be totally
    off your head!! keep going lol x

  3. Dig deep Mark, you’re getting through this now. All the best for the final push!

  4. stuart bell says:

    chin up big lad , were all rooting for you from hawick———-teri’s never quit

    remember all the hard hard days in the gym with your dad , well he made sure we were made of stern stuff , good luck mark see you when you complete your return home.

  5. Chappy says:

    I for one believe in what you have achieved ..and if it comes to the point where you stop … what, dinnae kill yersell bud….still utmost respect 🙂

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