Thank you …..

Thank you …..

Ive had a fair amount of email about when my next blog post is coming  , the actual story of my Marathon Des Sable, so a quick post to say that I have started it and it wont be much longer  Ive been pretty exhausted since I got back and ill to say the least , painkiller overdose hurt my stomach lining and Ive been struggling to eat , badly bruised , throbbing and blistered feet have also given me a hard time ….  this is one race that obviously didnt end at the finish line …

Id also like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported ,  donated , followed and accompanied me through the Desert , the Marathon Des Sable was one tough ride and harder than I ever imagined …..  thank you !!

Id like to thank my friend and Marathon Des Sable companion Ray Wise for the use of his photos , his excellent work can be found here :

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