Movember 10k and the Incline Accelerators ……..


Running maybe simple but it definitely is not easy , whether you run 5km or 100km it’s all about you and what’s inside you , never judge yourself on another runners ability ,if you are giving everything you have then you are a champion, aspire to be better but never feel that you are no good …. you are the best !!

Movember 10k and the Incline Accelerators ……..

After my UrbanRunning experience with the RunDemCrew one of their stalwarts Glenn Hancock very kindly asked me to run with them at the up-coming Mo-running 10km charity event in Greenwich Park , he had organised a large number of the crew including Rhalou to represent and had an entry going spare , so after the great time they had shown me previously I was stoked to join them again. I stayed at Rhalou’s flat the night before and we woke early, or rather I did, the queen of ZZZzzzzz’s needs a little persuasion in the morning , there was no time to waste though as we had to be there to meet everyone at 8:30am next to a tea-hut in the park itself ,the first stumbling block was a closure on the DLR at Bank, this required us to run to London Bridge to get on the overland , then upon arriving at London Bridge we missed our train to Greenwich despite me walking into the lady’s toilet to tell Rhalou to move it !!! , girls enter a worm hole in time as soon as the toilet door closes behind them !! It wasn’t all bad though as while we waited on the next train we met a bubbly RDC girl by the name of Bridget , she was also on her way to Greenwich and was waiting on another crew member named Candie ,this young lady I already knew through reading her blog The Tortoise with No Hair and being amazed at her 7 Half marathons in 7 continents challenge that she is undertaking , great article about it all by Rhalou here: Run the World… Eventually we made it to Greenwich where another illustrious blogger and RDC member Bangsandabun was waiting for us , bloggers of the world unite for we are many!!  Soon we all rocked up and found Glenn , he had done a great job as there were 44 runners here from RDC and we all registered then blew time as we prepared to race ..

There was a great atmosphere near the starting line , almost like a small half marathon with lots of fancy dress. We met up with the rest of the runners from RDC and they to were all super excited and raring to go, I was impressed with a young guy called Atticus who humbly said he was going for 55 minute’s but finished with a PB of 45 minutes I believe , good going Atticus .. soon we were all lined up and I stood with Rhalou ready for the race start , the music turned up a notch and off we went , 2 laps round the park , I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice couple of steep hills in there to keep me happy , I kept Rhalou company and we soaked in the atmosphere, it was a real fun event and I thoroughly enjoyed myself … we finished together with a sprint across the line … there was a bit of after race buzz and some photos , Charlie Dark although not running in the event had come to see his prodigies cross the line and some photos were taken , all the runners will be congratulated, awarded their Medals and applauded back at their 1948 headquarters before their next Tuesday night outing , that’s what RunDemCrew is about after all , support and encouragement …. Thanks again guys .. yet again I had an amazing time.

Glenn being interviewed after the event by Men Running uk’s foxy roving reporter Rhalou Allerhand


The Incline Accelerators , London’s Uphill Elite …………..

On the Sunday Rhalou had arranged for me to join the Incline Accelerators , a group of runners dedicated to getting better at running uphill , this was right up my street and after a short run over to Dalston , I was introduced to Linda , an attractive Scots lass and founder of the group , I knew it had to be someone Scottish who could be so dedicated to running up hill !! we ran a few more miles to Springfield Park and I met the rest of the gang , some pretty fit people including Algy and his girlfriend Caroline , both very fast road runners … Linda gave us our first set of hill reps which we ran on a gradually steepening path which seemed perfect for the job , I really enjoy running up hill for some reason , maybe because I’m so bad at running on flat roads .. we progressed through our reps and Linda asked me if I had any favourites , they’re all my favorites to tell the truth , if I’m puffing and my calves are aching I love it !! I suggested a little one that Kenny gives me where you run a hill then come back to 3/4 then run harder back up , then come back to half before going back up hard then coming to 1/4 and giving it everything you have !! it’s a beauty and everyone seemed to enjoy it .. Algy sure had some turn of speed in his legs at the end and coasted by me at the top .. brilliant … after this we ran back to a little corner Creperie and had lunch … a great day again …. so my weekend with the Urban runners of both the RunDemCrew and Incline Accelerators was a brilliant one …. Runner786 thanking all of you .. now I really need to go run up some mountains soon

aparently its all about triangles …..

remember all my blog posts are my own experiences and my interpretation, if you feel I’m wrong say so in the comments and we can also learn from your experience ………”

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