Running the Borders Abbey Way ….

Borders Abbey WAy ….

The last half of 2012 has seen me suffer badly from tendonitis deep within my knee and my fitness was waning  as quickly as my tummy was swelling 😉 but all is not lost as finally during the 6 weeks prior to Christmas I made it back to some form of pain-free consistent training, happy days. And as I am about to go under the surgeon’s knife on the 18th of January I decide on a final burst of effort and set myself a special little Xmas Holiday Challenge , to run the Borders Abbey Way over a long weekend.

The Borders Abbey Way is a 65 mile long trail that circumnavigates the best of the Scottish Borders, taking you on your way between 4 ancient Abbeys. It’s a trail that I have used in part but never really followed it in its entirety so I thought why not give it a go and it’s always good to put a goal down while looking for a new adventure 🙂

the Borders Abbey Way …. follow the post 😉

There is nothing extreme about this trail as it travels over hills and through forests . then across farmland and by riverside path for the rest. It is however exceptionally beautiful and constantly varied in its journey. Never was I bored, at every turn there was always something different appearing on the Horizon. In fact I was actually buzzing for the next stage to see what was there , and I live here !! Yes , it is THAT good.

Jedburgh Abbey

Running it over a long weekend the daily mileage was reasonably comfortable , and the climbing shallow and easy-going, so even without loads of training I was able to enjoy it all. A hill runner would run this route in its entirety , a cautious trail runner might on occasion walk the odd hill but still enjoy the trail either side. I recommend this to everyone from walker to Ultra runner. It is a fantastic journey from start to finish and one that I will return . I will have to be patient though as I have an operation and a fair bit of training to do before then , but at least now I know the “Way” 🙂

Melrose Abbey ..

Kelso Abbey

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9 Responses to Running the Borders Abbey Way ….

  1. Baxter says:

    Back in no time:)

  2. Kenny says:

    Nice one Mark – great pics! It’s amazing what’s on our doorstep. The Scottish Borders sure is a perfect location!

  3. Johnny says:

    Thanks mate. may make this my Feb challenge. Do it in 2 goes:-) May, I said !

  4. JB says:

    Looks cracking ;o)

  5. Vix says:

    Nice one Mark, Santa brought me fantastic Salamon Speedcross III for Christmas so I might need to try them out on this (section at a time 😀 )

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