The indomitable Paul Giblin …. Ultrarunner extraordinaire

Paul Giblin doing what he does best !

I met Paul Giblin years ago,way before he was the running monster he is today. A modest, friendly and warm character that I liked instantly .. , we stayed friends and I’ve watched him grow into one of the UKs number one ultra runners. His achievement has been inspiring and what ever he is doing it works !! He was as happy plodding round the trails chatting with me as he was blasting to the podium in an Ultra-race. I really couldn’t think of anyone more approachable and better qualified to help ANYONE achieve their running goals .. It takes more than just medals to be a running coach/mentor, you need knowledge,communication and the ability to form a good relationship. Paul has it all in abundance .. Go check out his website and no matter your ability if you think this might interest you then don’t be afraid to make contact, there’s a friendly voice waiting.

The infamous White Sock run …


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