A brief chat with Mark from Outer Mongolia #ultrarunning # Gobi


This is Adrian posting on Mark’s behalf, some of you will know it was I woho posted the updates while Mark took on the Marathon de Sables earlier this uear. The plan was to be able to do much the same for the Gobi Challenge but the information just never got out for me to pass it on to everyone else.

During the time Mark was taking part in the Gobi race I had a few of Mark’s followers ask me how he was getting on and I was unable to give any information of use but one tweet from @dingdongrun aka Davie Bell summed up how I felt about how Mark was doing.

Mark is even more modest than he is savage and fit for taking on these challenges that he has in the last year and often short sells himself when he tells us how hard they are. Turst me as someone who has followed his progress from when he started to run not so long ago. For most the travel involved to even make it to the start line of the Gobi Desert Race is more of an adventure than most will do in life time yet alone to take part in a running race across the desert when you get there.

The enomrity of what he has undertaken should not be under estimated.

After what felt like an huge coms black out from Outer Mongolia I was luck to share a short text chat with Mark. Rather than me try to tell you what he was trying to get across I’ll let you read for your self. ( Bad spelling from me included)

I wanted to be able to sum up this post with something really deep and meaning full but I’m drawinga bit of a blank as I’m not much of a writer to be honest. All I can say is that what Mark has done not only in the physical & fitness sense but also the journey in his training to date has made me even more proud to call him a friend and genuine inspiration.

I look forward to hearing the stories and tales of yet another one of Mark’s epic adventures.


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