Mongolia …………..

Mongolia ……….


After a tough trip involving 3 flights , 18 hours in various airports and a lost bag I eventually met with Dave and Phil from Sandbaggers in Ulan Batar … its a post communist Industrial city , not exactly your average holiday destination , rough would be an understatement , so after a few hours of sorting jeeps and equipment , including a trip back to airport customs to clear medical supplies we started our journey south to Dalanzadgad, over a huge barren wilderness with no real road to speak of we bounced our way for 2 days and 1 beautiful night under an amazing Mongilian sky , before arriving in a Gur camp last night , I am sharing this experience with Ryan , a cool and spiritual guy from Stevenage who spent a long time living in a jungle temple in Thailand and Roberto an Italian entrepeneur who loves adventure , its been a fantaSTICALLY  interesting  trip down thats for sure …

Earlier today the Phil and Dave took me to visit a family that the their Yamaa trust charity help , they built her a Gur , it was amazingly humbling and I really cant put into words just it made me feel , seriously at times like this Id give them everything I have …………..

Ill write when and If I can soon …….  race starts on the 26th so it might be a week or more ……  see you on the other side folks , hopefully Ive ran the Gobi desert …… yaho !!!  off desert running I go !!!

P.s  I got my bag back in Beijing 🙂  so no worries !!


todays blog was brought to you by an old skool internet cafe , old skool pc’s  , dial up internet , the lot … awesome!!!


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  1. Melliemel says:

    Sounds amazing. Good luck, be safe and share your adventures with us when you can.

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