Searching for Peace …. Solo swimming the Megget ….

Megget Reservoir is an impounding reservoir in the Megget valley in Ettrick Forest, in the Scottish Borders. The 259 hectares (640 acres) reservoir is held back by the largest earth dam in Scotland. The reservoir collects water from the Tweedsmuir Hills, which is then conveyed 28 miles (45 km) via underground pipelines and tunnels to Edinburgh. The pipelines are routed through the Manor Valley and the Meldon Hills, to Gladhouse Reservoir and Glencorse Reservoir in the Pentland Hills. These two reservoirs store the water until such times as it is required. Excess water which overflows from the reservoir is returned to the Megget Water, and hence into St. Mary’s Loch.

I have always looked at the Megget as the best wild swim in the Borders , its a foreboding body with deep and dark water. It is a long swim with a big dam wall waiting for you and its probably the most important reservoir in Scotland as it feed the Capital city …. So I woke up feeling daring and headed to Tweedsmuir for a long solo swim with Emma as designated driver and Frank as support dog 😀 …

heads in gear … anything is possible !

I entered the water in what I would like to consider the best style, starting from the inlet of the Megget river . I believe that entering the water from its natural inlet and swimming to the end that it escapes into the old river is the purest most natural and respectful way to swim a reservoir.  I always believed in best style when I was a climber and as a swimmer I am no different. Soon I was half way and the big dam was closing in. I had thoroughly checked out the building of this dam previously and researched thoroughly the implications of getting close to the dam and its water inlets. Reservoirs are dangerous places to the uninitiated and should be treated as such. I swam left to avoid the control centre and its inlets, you never know 🙂

cruising up the middle ….

Soon I was powering up the last 100 metres and as its late September the water was cooling down so despite my work rate I could feel the cold starting to enter my body , happy days though as  I was almost there ..

nearly there

Finally I was on the Dam and leaving the water with Emma and Frank waiting high up on the Dam wall to congratulate me. The Megget was mine and the inner glow of satisfaction warmed me up no end …. Just the Fruid left and the biggies are done 🙂

Note: Learn your craft , understand water , reservoirs and your own limits … Everyone knows how to swim but now you must learn to wild swim 🙂  Stay safe

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