Wild swimming and the Grey Mares tail … Loch Skeen

Grey Mares Tail …

Loch Skeen is a loch in Dumfries and Galloway in the south of Scotland. It is located about 10 miles to the north-east of Moffat and feeds the 60-metre (200 ft) high Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall.  Glacial sculpting at its best !!

Bongo and I had talked about swimming it a few times and today was the day no matter what. Indeed there were a few “whats” trying to put us off 😀 but we braved the torrential rain and winds to climb up to the loch that feed the Grey Mares tail and swim it. I love it up there, infact its where all those years ago I took my mountain craft and navigation book and learnt to find my way around in the hills, so many good memories over the years from that area and  here was a chance to make more <3    So off we went, the gruesome twosome go forth !  I like Bongo a lot, hes up for anything and we share very similar views on life and existentialism in general …. yes we talk some shite when were together 😀  makes sense though .. to us 😀

a  The Loch Skeen monster

We arrived at the loch after a long wet walk up in high winds but the temperatures were high and hopefully the water not as cold as my first recce’ .  I dipped my fingers in and it was balmy, well Scottish balmy (no ice) 😀 …. We changed into our suits and in we went , the waves were huge but coming in bursts between calm stretches. The weather was the same and it was crazy to watch the winds blow torrential rain clouds overhead then calm sunny spells .. the water danced like hungry piranha approaching , consuming us then going calm … Surrealism at its most surreal.

Bongo doing his fonzy impersonation .. hey hey its the Bong

We fought our way up to the far end sheltered by the looming hills either side and turned … we flew home with the wind and waves behind us … what a day !!!   what a swim , what an adventure !!!!

We quickly changed and headed for the car , it wasn’t so warm now … We hurried down the hill path , stomachs growling as if knowing a giant Gordon burger awaited !

Note: Learn your craft , understand water , reservoirs and your own limits … Everyone knows how to swim but now you must learn to wild swim 🙂  Stay safe


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  1. Alistair Young says:

    Cracking day need to organise something similar soon ?

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