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Wild Swimming …. Scottish Borders Styleeeee !

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    Wild swimming, now WHY the fuck would anyone want to do that ?? …..  Well Wild swimming is aces, that is why !   It takes you to cool places and gives you the adventure to keep you sane…. but … Continue reading

Ride to the sun ………….

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“Make Ride to the Sun your next cycling challenge. 100 miles through the night on lovely quiet roads from England across the border to Scotland. Follow in the footsteps of the Roman legions who trudged the long road from Luguvalium (Carlisle) to … Continue reading

Diving Scapa Flow ….

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Scapa Flow !!  What can I say but the dream destination for drysuit wearing , cold water adventure divers. Wrecks and history “flow”ing from every nook and cranny of the Orkney Islands makes it an unforgettable dive destination!  The Flow … Continue reading

Kushimoto .. Japan rocks the diving world.

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Recently back on the diving scene, I have been lucky enough to have had some cracking dives across in the Mediterranean sea off Cyprus Lebanon , and latterly the infamous UK North Sea !  So what better way to fill my weekends on … Continue reading

The indomitable Paul Giblin …. Ultrarunner extraordinaire

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    I met Paul Giblin years ago,way before he was the running monster he is today. A modest, friendly and warm character that I liked instantly .. , we stayed friends and I’ve watched him grow into one of … Continue reading

Shout out to the Kayaker , a true king of adventure …

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. . Sat here on holiday looking out the window at the rain, semi-consciously willing it to lay off just for a short while so I can chance a quick hill run to keep my training schedule in check. A … Continue reading

The Celtman 2013

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The Celtman 2013  . I was pleasantly surprised when my good friend Kenny Short asked me to support him in the Celtman , an Iron distance extreme triathlon and part of the Xtreme race series which now includes the Norseman … Continue reading

Running the Borders Abbey Way ….

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.   The last half of 2012 has seen me suffer badly from tendonitis deep within my knee and my fitness was waning  as quickly as my tummy was swelling 😉 but all is not lost as finally during the 6 weeks prior … Continue reading

Alan Watts ….

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Alan Watts …. Since my youth I have had a strong interest in both the nature that surrounds me and who I am within it, not in a flaky way I might add ! 😉  I’m not dancing in the streets shaking my tambourine just yet 🙂  but … Continue reading

Penchrise Pen Hill race …

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Penchrise Pen Hill race … Description……….. 23rd of September 2012Parking and registration at Stobs disused camp site (GR500094), 4 miles south of Hawick on B6399 (turn off at war memorial near Woodfoot Bridge).Race takes place on farmland with livestock, so … Continue reading