Marathon Des Sables – Day One

Day one Report

Marathon des Sables 2011

First day was amazing, the starting line was a mix of emotions and I found myself thinking of India and why I was here, Of my mum and would I make them proud, I was welling up wiht tears as the gun went off and what followed was a very tough run through mixed sand and stones desert plain then up into a huge dune system, very hard as it was impossible to carry any speed, a real test of mental strength as well as fitness especially carrying a 10Kg pack then a 7Km uphill run over another hot plain into camp …. knackered and sore but my training has paid off and it’s got me through day 1. Hungry but happy.

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2 Responses to Marathon Des Sables – Day One

  1. Pyllon says:

    Raised the hairs on the back of my neck reading that mate!! Brilliant – get stuck in grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😉


  2. lynne white says:

    fabulous achievement Mark!!!! well done you!! Lynne x

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