Taper Madness



Taper Madness ……

Well ………. where do I start  , the taper is sending me a little crazy  , I’m feeling hyper energised to say the least , batty might be a better description …. I even hit the bottle twice this week , red wine only yet I havent drank for months , Im starting to lose it slightly , the cracks are showing more and more , I have went from running 130+ miles a week to only 35 .. my body doesnt know whats hit it .. am I an addict needing a fix ???  a big 30 mile run would get it out of my system , settle me down !! yet I can’t , I need to rest and let my body heal to reach its full potential , all my training has to be put into full effect by allowing myself to recover , I have ran tired for months and this is it , like pulling a string back on a cross-bow and getting ready to pull the trigger !! but I can’t pull the trigger until race day , until I’m finally on the starting line in the Sahara … April 2 … hurry up !!!!

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