Marathon Des Sables – Day Two Report

Day two report

Marathon des Sables 2011

Day two went well, Long ardous desert plains briken up with dunes and soft energy sapping sand. I was exhausted after mile 13 but kept up the run. Had to spend 45mins at the checkpoint to fix my rapidly blistering feet, then headed up a dryed out riverbed for miles before heading into the dunnes before finally sighting the bivoac….

Another day under my belt, feeling pretty exhausted tonight, the heat and sand is testing my body and head.

Cheers to everyone who sent me an email last night, especially Rab. Tomorrow I intend to take it easier as the 50 mile day looms close.


Editor note: Mark can recieve mesages from supporters just go to this page and post your message. Mark’s race number is 786. These updates are a day behind so while you read day two Mark is mid day three.

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5 Responses to Marathon Des Sables – Day Two Report

  1. George mcmillan says:

    Mark, to say your inspirational is truly an understatement. I’m not blowing smoke up yer tail either. Imagine how proud India wil be to see you? And the most awesome smile to greet you. Your a lucky man to be blessed with her. I’m sure she’ll make you proud in her own way too. Keep her smile in your mind and this race will be easier. Keep the feet in check. Be safe. G

  2. Lynzi says:

    Good effort already Mark. Big big cheer for you. Keep going. We’re all routing for you 🙂

  3. lynne white says:

    Mark… everyones soooo proud of you, please stay strong and safe! I agree with George, India will be your inspiration when things get tough…think of her smile!!!!! Good Luck, God Bless Lynne xx

  4. Fred & Linda Landels says:

    Absolutely brilliant, we’re following every step, keep those steps going for those of us who can’t….! :))

  5. Chappy says:

    inspitartional my friend……..can only admire and respect such a challenge ……… look forward to reading more………


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