The Running Mojo ……

The Running Mojo……………… 

The true meaning of Mojo originates in Voodoo and is a charm or spell , little known fact 😉  it is now a popular modern word that has been adopted by drinking Bars across the world , famous records , record Magazines and even Mick Jagger’s dog!!   we now make it our own and refer to it as “My Mojo” , commonly meaning a talent for pulling hot or sometimes not chicks on a Saturday night , but to a runner it is our ability to enjoy what we do and do it well , the magic of running if you will !!

So what happens to a runner when we lose our mighty Mojo ?? … When it happened to me I seemed to lose all enjoyment of what I was doing and with it my motivation to run and my energy to do so !! , how did this happen ??  For me it was not living up to my own expectations , possibly caused by the gradual decline in my fitness due to a growing number of injuries and the pressure of knowing the enormity of the Events I had before me , an ever-increasing spiral of negativity and disappointment forced its way into my life and for a while caused me no end of dissatisfaction and nearly had me call it a day after the Gobi  ….. Mine was perhaps an extreme case , 3 huge events and the craziness that came from it all placed a very heavy load on me both physically and mentally, I didn’t give up though , I dug deep and persevered , stayed positive and since my return from the Gobi desert race when I was probably at my lowest point ever I have learnt about rest , recuperation and the miracle of inspiration… !!   It wasn’t easy but this running Jedi has pulled himself back from the Dark Side !! Darth Vader!! Suck my M*** F***** D***  !!!  …. 😉

Welcome to my Mojo World !!!

The symptoms are normally a lot  milder though  , maybe caused by the dissatisfaction of not getting a PB so badly wanted after so much hard work , or being injured , this can be hell to recover from often leaving you back where you started all those hard months ago , even completing a goal can cause a temporary lack of Mojo !! “you’ll never know the true value of an achievement until it becomes a memory” , very true but once its a memory there’s a void to be filled and this can take its toll mentally …. Many an achievement has passed in my life where it’s ended and I’m left deflated ,empty and wondering what’s next !! So it looks like a Mojo can just disappear , there can be no reason , you wake up one day and your motivation is gone , your enjoyment has disappeared and your Zen like running state is a disaster area of sore feet and worries about where your going in life !! Its tough and nasty but not irrecoverable !!


So my advice to anyone suffering a temporary lack of the Magical Mojo is not to sit down but to stick in , find something that moves you again , take the pressure off and drop back , run to an enjoyable distance and pace , get out with friends and people who inspire you , enjoy what you do and let yourself begin to desire the hard stuff again , slowly , naturally and if you are  the person who once sought to better themselves then soon you will be again  … the emotions will stir inside and the desire will grab you , the buzz will fill you and the hairs on the back of your neck will again stand up ….I’ll say it again!  ENJOY IT .. and you will get your Mighty Mojo back very quickly !!

Several Mojos working simultaneously at once …..

Right now Marko’s Mojo is back and with renewed vigour !!!! … even my hot lady pulling Mojo has worked overtime of late and nabbed me a beautiful little Pixie of Pout  , Yeah baby !!! …. remember !!  NEVER GIVE UP !!!  EVER !! … you will pull through !!!



“remember all my blog posts are my own experiences and my own interpretation, if you feel I’m wrong say so in the comments and we can also learn from your experience  ………” 

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2 Responses to The Running Mojo ……

  1. Pyllon says:

    Classic post Marko!

    And as much as I laughed at your undoubted wit, the serious stuff really struck a chord. You already know Ive suffered similar feelings after an event (albeit the event being on a much smaller scale).

    You’re back though – oooooh raaaah!

    Now can we please start a ultra commune?

    Paolo 😉

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