Happy People , Happy planet …………..

Happy People , Happy Planet ………………….

Leave the confines of your every day life , step out of your comfort zone and every now and again life will throw a bizarre experience right in your face ……

Smile the day goes quicker


On Friday I set out on what I thought would be a weekend of fun , frolics and foreign climes ,  in part it was but the ethereal force that is life twisted it into a maelström of madness that I was eventually spat out of late Sunday night at London’s White Chapel  Accident and Emergency ward after a tour of several A+E’s  and my fifth shoulder dislocation of the day .. previous to this I had been treated to lost passports, lost fortunes, rubber suited nurses , drunken debauchery and train journeys to nowhere, there was even a point where I was told by a Doctor that I may never kayak again , … it was a weekend to remember on many different levels ..  a weekend of extremes , so much went wrong , yet so much of it was so right .. it was a journey of Bliss and Insanity,it was the pleasure and pain sexual experience in holiday format !! .. I loved it and I hated it , yet there can be no denying that it made me feel so very alive !!


The surrealism of it doesn’t escape me , especially as right now I’m sitting in the most serenely beautiful little cafe’ in London fields attempting to detoxify my body with fresh Apple juice and avocado risotto , still trying to take in my most bizarre of weekends  , how could it all have end up so far from where it was meant to have gone , yet despite everything it turned out fantastically well …. There is no doubt it is a weekend I will remember forever and this I think is the lesson learnt , no way can we be disheartened if things do not go the way we plan it , experiences come in all shapes and sizes , some pleasurable , some painful , all are part of who we are , who we will become .. a little piece of everything we experience  builds the mould that continues to create us.


So life again reinforces my appreciation that we should never give up , never be disheartened by failure and never ever doubt our own abilities to keep moving through life happy and positive , enjoying its every twist and turn … take what you want from this post , it’s just a little  piece of my mind chattering but it’s not pointless , if you didn’t do well at your last run , race or challenge  , don’t despair at a DNF or a bad time …. think of the fun you had , the people you met  and the fact that you were there among the electricity of the crowds   …… it’s all good , it’s all so very good ….

“remember all my blog posts are my own experiences and my own interpretation, if you feel I’m wrong say so in the comments and we can also learn from your experience  ………” 

Id like to thank the Teviotdale Leisure Centre for its continued Support

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